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8 2015

5 Things I Didn’t Know about TripAdvisor… and You Might Not Either

Hello from TripAdvisor’s shiny new headquarters in Needham, MA! While I’m relatively new to the TripAdvisor team (I’ve been here around three months now), I’ve been recruiting for over ten years. I love to talk to new people and share … Read more

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22 2015

How I Landed at TripAdvisor and What I’ve Learned So Far

I still remember the day I opened my Twitter app and saw a notification. When the Head of Talent Acquisition at TripAdvisor followed me on Twitter, I paused from my vacation in Hawaii and jumped at the chance to … Read more

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9 2015

Actress, Singer and Global Recruiter at TripAdvisor…Say what?!

No really, Juliana Scandone is a wanna-be beach bum & bubbly extraordinaire with a passion for fashion and will be your voice of @GoTripAdvisor this week!


Now how about that introduction? Waiting for more? Well don’t hold your breath … Read more

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15 2015

Viator Joins TripAdvisor… One Big Happy Family

As the recruiter for Viator, I always loved my position, along with the company.  I am based out of Las Vegas, NV, but hire for all open positions at Viator worldwide.  Working with hiring managers across the globe … Read more

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6 2015

The Perfect First Job? One Where You Find Your Passion

So there you are – sitting at your graduation, feeling inspired and probably a bit sleepy.  All of a sudden the world seems full of endless possibilities. At first this feels amazing and empowering – you did it! You’re an … Read more

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5 2015

Culture, People, Learning & Travel… What’s Not to Love?


Hi guys! I’m Amanda Hawkins and this is my first ever blog!


I’ve been at TripAdvisor now since April 2013 as one of the EMEA Recruiters. I also recruit across the globe (more recently India) but mostly for … Read more

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24 2015

Tips from a Recruiter: How to Land Your Next Role

Are you looking for your first job or the next step in your career? Over the past 20 years of recruiting professionals at some of the most forward-thinking, dynamic and fast-growing organizations (like TripAdvisor!), I’ve seen some potentially great … Read more

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