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30 2014

An Introduction to Wendy Perrin, the New TripAdvisor Travel Advocate


I’ve just joined the TripAdvisor family as its first-ever Travel Advocate, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. The TripAdvisor community tries hard to get to the truth—about hotels, destinations, trip-planning companies, tours, and other travel experiences—and that’s precisely what I’ve spent the past 25 years doing as a travel journalist. In my Condé Nast Traveler column The Perrin Report and my blog The Perrin Post, as well as in my book Secrets Every Smart Traveler Should Know, I’ve always sussed out the truth. I’ve criss-crossed the globe, testing ways for travelers to save themselves time, money, and headaches, and to make their trips more memorable and transformative than they might have thought possible.


Now, as your Travel Advocate, I’ll be sharing such advice with you here on this blog, as well as in member emails, podcasts, and on television. I’ll be answering your questions too. Of course, for most questions you don’t need my help: You’ve got the tools you need here at TripAdvisor. But what about those times when you’re planning a trip outside your comfort zone and you can’t find the answers to your questions? Or when you’re not even sure what questions to ask? That’s where I can help.


What I’m most excited about, though is the opportunity to cull your best insights, look for trends based on what you’re finding in your travels, and then distill that wisdom and share it with the world. TripAdvisor’s secret weapon is you—its global community of travel reporters sharing their up-to-the-minute experiences. You’ve already empowered millions of travelers with your insights. Together I bet we can empower millions more. I can’t wait.


If you’d like to learn more about me, I’m also at


If you’ve got a travel question for me, please post it in the comments section here.

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7 thoughts on “An Introduction to Wendy Perrin, the New TripAdvisor Travel Advocate

  1. Welcome aboard Wendy – have been following you on Conde Nast Traveler for years now – I’m a huge fan – and thrilled to now see your familiar face on one of my fav online hangouts Tripadvisor – welcome!

    Island Regards from Turks & Caicos Islands

  2. Hello Wendy,
    We are planning a trip this August with our 3 sons, ages 11, 14, & 19. We will be visiting Budapest, Vienna. Prague, & relaxing in Dubrovnik. I would really appreciate your suggestions as to where to visit, sightsee, & relax. Thank you!
    Kind regards,
    Your avid article reader in CN.

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