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18 2016

The Top U.S. Airports, According to Travelers

Whether you’re arriving, departing or waiting out a layover, your time at the airport can sometimes make or break a trip. As frequent travelers know, a bad airport experience can be a real headache… and a great one can leave you soaring high for the rest of your journey.


So how do you know which U.S. airports are truly first-class? To find out, we surveyed 114,000 savvy TripAdvisor travelers from the United States. The first-ever Travelers’ Choice Favorites awards for U.S. Airports honor travelers’ 5 favorite large domestic airports and 5 favorite medium domestic airports (based on their size classification by the FAA).



The Top 5 Large U.S. Airports



  1. Portland International Airport (PDX), Portland, Oregon



TripAdvisor traveler tip: The iconic, quirky carpeting in PDX has recently been replaced by a well-received, updated design. If you need any assistance while you’re there, the Volunteer Information Program is there to help. They currently assist nearly 13,000 customers each month.


  1. Tampa International Airport (TPA), Tampa, Florida



TripAdvisor traveler tip: Travelers enjoy the fast and free Wi-Fi service throughout the airport. Using a hub and spoke layout and automated people movers, TPA has minimized walking distances, making this one of the easiest airports to get around.


  1. Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP), Minneapolis, Minnesota




TripAdvisor traveler tip: MSP features a monorail for easy access to the Mall of America and downtown Minneapolis.


  1. Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC), Salt Lake City, Utah



TripAdvisor traveler tip: Travelers rave about the beautiful mountain views, easy navigation and friendly airport staff.


  1. Detroit Metropolitan Wayne Country Airport (DTW), Romulus, Michigan



TripAdvisor traveler tip: Recent improvements have made DTW much easier to get to, with comfortable seating and many amenities once you’re there.



The Top 5 Medium U.S. Airports



  1. Indianapolis International Airport (IND), Indianapolis, Indiana



TripAdvisor traveler tip: This easy-to-navigate airport makes finding your gate a stress-free process.


  1. John Wayne Airport Orange County Airport (SNA), Santa Ana, California


John Wayne Airport 2008


TripAdvisor traveler tip: SNA was recommended for its short, fast-moving security and check-in lines, as well as friendly staff.


  1. Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW), Fort Myers, Florida



TripAdvisor traveler tip: Clean and bright RSW has seen many improvements since moving to a brand new terminal 10 years ago, including additional infrastructure improvements such as a new entrance, improved entry road, and free Wi-Fi throughout.


  1. Palm Beach International Airport (PBI), West Palm Beach, Florida



TripAdvisor traveler tip: Want to practice your swing while you wait for a flight? There’s an 8-hole putting green on the second floor of the main terminal.


  1. Albuquerque International Sunport (ABQ), Albuquerque, New Mexico



TripAdvisor traveler tip: The décor here goes above and beyond. The airport was designed to reflect pueblo style architecture and features more than 113 different pieces of art.

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