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21 2015

Join Our Next Twitter Chat #TravelToTaste to Talk About Food, Restaurants and Travel!

To celebrate this year’s Travelers’ Choice Restaurants awards, we’re hosting a Twitter chat on Wednesday, October 28 at 2pm ET. Join us as we discuss all things food and travel with some of the winning restaurants, special guest bloggers and other foodies!


Here’s how to follow and participate:

• Prior to the chat, be sure you’re following @TripAdvisor.

• To join or follow the conversation, type “#TravelToTaste” into the search bar and select the “All” search option (or just click here). Alternatively, you can use an application such as TweetDeck or Hootsuite to set up a feed that monitors all mentions of “#TravelToTaste.”

• Begin each tweet by noting which question you’re answering (“A1:” to answer question 1, for example).

Add the hashtag #TravelToTaste to each of your tweets so that others can see your tweets and respond!

• Including photos and GIFs in your answers is a fun way to make your tweets more engaging.

• Have fun!


To help you prepare your answers in advance, here’s a sneak preview of the questions we’ll be asking:


Q1) Fill in the blank: I #TravelToTaste ____________.


Q2) What is your definition of an excellent restaurant experience? What “wows” you? #TravelToTaste


Q3) What is your best tip for snagging a last-minute reservation at a popular restaurant? #TravelToTaste


Q4) Have you ever planned a trip to experience a particular cuisine or restaurant? If so, where and how was it? #TravelToTaste


Q5) What restaurants or destinations have had the most impact on your taste buds or home cooking? #TravelToTaste


Q6) What is the best restaurant/food discovery you’ve made during your travels? #TravelToTaste


Q7) What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve eaten while traveling? Did you enjoy it? #TravelToTaste


Q8) Do you have any tips for ordering at restaurants that serve cuisines or foods that you’re unfamiliar with? #TravelToTaste


Q9) If you’ve ever tried to recreate an excellent restaurant dish at home, what was it and how did it turn out? #TravelToTaste


Q10) Share a pic of the most memorable foodie moment you’ve had while traveling! #TravelToTaste


Special guest participants include:


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