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24 2015

Tips from a Recruiter: How to Land Your Next Role

Are you looking for your first job or the next step in your career? Over the past 20 years of recruiting professionals at some of the most forward-thinking, dynamic and fast-growing organizations (like TripAdvisor!), I’ve seen some potentially great candidates unnecessarily miss out on opportunities due to simple mistakes. Don’t be one of them!


Here are a few of my top tips that may help you land your next role:


1. Do Your Research


Find all of the information possible about your target company. Go on their website. Many have rich content including videos and interviews with current employees. You may be asked “What do you know about XYZ Company?” or “Why are you interested in working at XYZ Company?” Be prepared to answer.


2. Apply to the Right Roles


Make sure that you have the required experience, skills and attributes for the role. More often than not, you’ll be competing with other candidates who “tick all of the boxes.” Applying to a couple of “perfect matches” is much more effective than applying to anything and everything.


3. Your Resume


Share your accomplishments on your resume.  Talk about what you’ve done and how it impacted your organizations. Be prepared to back up what you’ve shared on your resume in your interview. If you list an app or tool in your summary, make sure that you’ve used it. Have some good answers to potential questions about major gaps in your employment.  You don’t need to write lengthy descriptions with several paragraphs. Bullet points that showcase your accomplishments with some data can be helpful. Using one font and font size throughout makes it easier to read unless you’re looking for a creative/design role.


4. Your Interview


Passion and enthusiasm go a long way. Be engaging and show your interest. I hear a lot of hiring managers coming out of their interviews saying that they’re not sure if the candidate is interested in the role. Dress the part. Make sure you understand the company’s culture and dress code. You get a lot from those videos on the company’s career site. Be prepared to answer the question “Why do you think that you’re a good fit for this role?” This is where your research comes in to play. Research interview questions. There is a lot of information on Behavioral Interviewing and the most popular interview questions out there.


Try to maintain your energy level throughout the day. Some candidates start off great but lose that positive energy and enthusiasm by the time they meet the final interviewer. Sometimes that final interviewer is the hiring manager or decision maker. Be honest and candid. Don’t drop your guard. I know it’s hard, but from the time you walk into the company until the time that you leave, you should always be “on.” If you’re way too comfortable and relaxed, that may be a turn off.  Try your best to connect with the interviewer. If they’re a future peer or team member, they may be asking themselves, “Would I want to work with this person for eight hours a day?”


5. Interview the Interviewer


Ask why they chose to join the company and what they like most about working there. You need to learn if this is the right company for you as well. Have a few questions ready at the end of each interview. It shows your interest level if you’re asking good questions.


6. Follow Up


Email or mail a thank you note to everyone that you met.  It’s nice to mention something that you talked about with that particular interviewer.


Do you agree with these tips? Any others I may have left out that deserve mentioning? I hope they’re helpful to you and I also hope you’ll take a moment to view the current openings here at TripAdvisor. And if you want to get to know our people, our culture and our work environment better, but sure to join in the conversation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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