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21 2015

Book Your Summer Travel Soon to Lock In Airplane Seats and Hotel Rooms

If you’re planning to travel internationally this year—especially during the peak summer travel season—book it as soon as you can. That’s my biggest takeaway for you after poring over TripAdvisor’s 2015 TripBarometer study. The global survey found that many more people will be traveling internationally in 2015 and that hotel rates will rise. Combine that with the increased power of the U.S. dollar overseas, and what you’ve got is airline seats and hotel rooms selling out fast in popular destinations such as Italy and France (where one euro now equates to a mere $1.06) and the U.K. (where the British pound has dropped to just $1.49).


The TripBarometer survey found that 67% of U.S. travelers plan to go abroad for vacation this year, compared with 50% last year. Globally, people will be taking 15% more international leisure trips. And half of all properties worldwide plan to increase their room rates this year, with the biggest price hikes expected in South Africa, Austria, and Brazil. If you’re looking for value that’s not in Europe, consider China, as it’s the country where you’ll see the greatest reductions in hotel prices. If you’re thinking you’ll find relief by sticking to the U.S. this summer, just bear in mind that it’s currently the most popular destination among international travelers and that 59% of U.S. hotels plan to hike their room rates this year.


After the U.S., the most popular destinations for international travelers this year are Japan, Italy, France, and the U.K. If money were no object, tops on U.S. travelers’ lists would be Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and Greece. Those are their dream destinations for 2015. But, of course, money is an object. Which is why I urge you to start making plans now—and, of course, you can book the most affordable hotels here on TripAdvisor.


Where would you most like to travel this year?


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