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29 2015

Announcing the winner of our second TripAdvisor TV Ad contest!

After the amazing responses to our first TripAdvisor TV ad contest, we launched a second, asking budding filmmakers to tell us how TripAdvisor makes their trips better. Our winner, James Winterhalter, has been making films since he was 13, and now does creative work in the music industry. His winning video “The Everything Hotel” was filmed in his hometown of Boston, and features a list of the many things travelers look for in hotels. You can see his winning video – and the 5 other runners up – by clicking here.


 james winterhalter


We asked James to tell us more at his inspiration, and what he’s going to do with his prize.


What inspired you to participate in the TripAdvisor Ad Contest?

I love to travel and when I heard the prompt, it sounded like a fun project to work on – which it was.

How did you come up with the idea for your winning entry in the TripAdvisor Ad Contest?

I sat down and brainstormed directions for the spot with Jen, my girlfriend. Jen asked me about the possible features that travelers would look for in a hotel, and we went from there. As we listed out features, it came to me to present them in the form of a run-on sentence, both visually and through narration.

Who helped you with your winning entry?

Jen helped me tremendously. She’s my favorite person to bounce ideas off, and she also stars in the commercial. I think she did a fantastic job handling the pressure of being the central focus of the spot – believable and warm.

Where did you shoot the ad and how long did it take? 

The ad came together quickly; it was written, shot, and edited in less than 24 hours. It was shot in various locations throughout Boston.

What is your favorite destination in the world?

I am extremely drawn to destinations in South America and Asia because of their rich cultures, but I haven’t been to either yet. My favorite place that I have travelled to is Capri, Italy.

What are you going to do with your $25,000 prize? 

I am going to travel – I plan on going to Costa Rica with Jen and sending my parents on a trip to Ireland. I also plan on investing some of the prize into my work; it will allow me to purchase gear that will help to step the production value. Thank you TripAdvisor for this amazing opportunity!

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