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12 2014

40 Gems Revealed during This Week’s #DestinationsOnTheRise #TripAdvisorChat

Thank you to everyone who participated in this week’s #DestinationsOnTheRise #TripAdvisorChat. The hour was a wealth of great information that really helped us to better understand traveling to up-and-coming destinations around the world, with experts, winning destinations, bloggers, journalists, and travel-lovers chiming in on everything from tips and predictions to rewards and challenges.


Here are just some of the many great tweets from the chat…


1. #DestinationsOnTheRise is about new & hidden gems. What’s the coolest place you’ve discovered recently and why?






2. Which of this year’s #DestinationsOnTheRise would you put at the top of your to-do list? Why?







3. What can make or break your decision when choosing a place just gaining in popularity? Air service? Food choices?








4. For those who have been to one of the #DestinationsOnTheRise, which is your favorite and why?








5. What do you think most causes a destination’s rise in popularity?








6. What are the biggest rewards of traveling to less well-known destinations?  






  7. What can be tough about travel in less well-known destinations, and how do you make it easier?    







8. Finally, what up-and-coming city do you think should be on the #DestinationsOnTheRise list and why?  






To see the full conversation from our #DestinationsOnTheRise #TripAdvisorChat, head here.


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