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28 2014

TripAdvisor Now Recommends Hotels “Just for You”

TripAdvisor is all about helping travelers find the right hotel, so today we’re excited to announce a new “Just for You” feature that provides more personalized hotel recommendations based on your individual preferences and travel research on the site.


Through the insights that we’ve gathered from millions of reviews and opinions from our community, TripAdvisor is uniquely able to pair travelers with their ideal hotels.


So how does it work? When you search hotels for a particular destination, you will be presented with a variety of tags allowing you to select your travel preferences, such as travel style, location, price range, hotel class, amenities and brand. Through the new Just for You feature, TripAdvisor will take this feedback into account along with your prior research and contributions on the site to deliver better, more personalized results to help you find the perfect hotel for your trip.


Just for You Example


The new feature will be a continually adapting and improving recommendation tool as you:


  • Select your travel preference tags on the new Just For You hotel page
  • Search for hotels and destinations on TripAdvisor
  • Write a hotel review to share their candid travel experiences


Just for You is available on all TripAdvisor-branded sites on desktop and the TripAdvisor mobile website on tablet, with plans to roll the feature out to additional platforms in the future.


And in the case that you want to view by hotels’ rankings on TripAdvisor, it’s easy to toggle your view. Just click on “Sort by: Just for you” in the upper right corner of your search and choose “rankings.”



Just For You Sort



Please check it out today and let us know what you think.

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22 thoughts on “TripAdvisor Now Recommends Hotels “Just for You”

  1. How can I view all hotels not “just for me” for a certain city…argh very frustrating right now I want to view the top 5 hotels in a city…not the top 5 “just for me”
    Thank you for your help

  2. I agree. I want to see all the hotels, not just what a website thinks I “should”. I didn’t even mark off any tags. Why filter out content, why not give consumers a choice, tripadvisor? Really stupid. Guess I’m going back to the AAA travel books!

  3. I agree. I hate it. Now instead of looking for hotels, I am looking for how to turn it off and leaving Tripadvisor for a search engine instead.

  4. I hate this feature. It DOESN”T filter anything that I want. You totally miss the mark at what I want. I want this feature turned off. I will stop using your website if you don’t have a function to TURN THIS OFF.

  5. Please tell me how to turn it off! I’m a long time independent and experienced traveler. I have my own way of researching things. This “Just for You” feature is annoying because I have to continuously override it. Makes me want to stop using tripadvisor, sorry, seriously.

  6. Trip advisor ‘Just for You’ is terrible. Every time I selected sort by rank and looked at a hotel and then went back to the list it was set back to ‘Just for You’! I wasted a lot of time trying to figure out how to turn off. Found have to be signed in to turn off perminently. Make a clear and easy turn off button or better yet get rid of it!! Just add a side bar with filter criteria that can be selected.

  7. I hate it too and have just had to spend time Googling how to turn it off. If you must have this feature, make it one that you can turn on, rather than the default!

  8. This “Just For You” Feature is really aweful. It must think I am someone else, because its choices are not for me. I can’t seem to get away from it, even with the “Sort By” drop-down menu. What a huge mistake from TA. I have switched to other sources until this goes away.

  9. I have turned off “just for you” in my account settings – my understanding is that this feature was added for those who didn’t want to use jfy. Yet even with that, hotels are sorting by just for you in my searches.

    I have now tried all work-arounds I’m aware of. I’m switching to for my hotel searches unless this can be removed permanently and completely.

  10. +1 to the other commenters – the algorithm behind this is not well-tuned enough to be useful yet, but there’s no way for me to prevent this from being the default sort option when I search a city. I need to be able to either turn it off, or select a different default sort. Help!

  11. If TA is reading, add another person who is baffled by the suggestions. Just For You seems to be suggesting absolutely the opposite of what I would ever look at??? I am not sure this is helping travelers a bit.

  12. I am a senior contributor with 111 helpful votes…..just want you to know that I am so, so, so frustrated with the “just for you”. I finally figured out how to STOP it from doing that, but as soon as I click around a few times, it goes right back to “just for you”….beyond frustrated….and that is a rare emotion for me.

  13. Turn it OFF !!!! It’s beyond annoying that you feel you can “think for me”. Sometimes I want an inexpensive hotel as I’m passing through tone on the interstate, and other times I want to splurge on a top of the line vacation. You have no way of knowing which I’m looking for so don’t filter the hotels on the site!

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