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27 2014

40 Delicious Bites from the #TravelForFood #TripAdvisorChat

Traveler Photo: Eleven Madison Park

Is your mouth still watering from Wednesday’s Twitter chat? Ours certainly are. Thanks to everyone who participated! From some of the world’s top Travelers’ Choice Restaurants to experts, foodies, and travelers, the hour was a feast of fun and knowledgeable info on traveling the globe for food.


Here are some great morsels sure to work up an appetite…or at least make you want to plan a foodie trip…



What country, city, or region has the world’s best food, and why?






  People fly to Chicago just to eat at @Alinea. What restaurant or food would you build a trip around?  








What country has most taken you by surprise with the quality of its food or drink?




  What’s your best tip for getting a table in a hot restaurant?  






What’s the most unusual thing you’ve eaten when traveling?






  Name a place you’ve visited that you’d go back to in a heartbeat because of the food.  





  How do you get kids or (anyone picky, for that matter) to try new foods when traveling?  








Besides the quality of the food, what turns a dining experience from forgettable to memorable?






  Let’s talk dessert. What sweet dish stands out most from your travel experience?  



  Finally, what and where was your most memorable travel meal? Share a photo!  




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