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19 2014

Meet Scott Wood: TripAdvisor TV Ad Contest Runner Up

With a background in the film industry working as a camera assistant for the last 8-years, Brisbane-born Scott decided to enter the competition after a friend thought it would be a great collaborative use of their creative minds. With a passion for film and TV since childhood, Scott has played a role in the industry for a number of years, and is now on the verge of taking more creative control. The ad, which was a combined effort amongst four friends, shows how easy it is to be deceived by a property before arriving at your location, and how this situation could easily be avoided by simply using TripAdvisor.


Scott Wood

Scott Wood

What inspired you to participate in the TripAdvisor Ad Contest?

I heard about the contest through a friend, and having worked in the film industry for a number of years, I thought this gave us a simple and easy opportunity to get some exposure for my work where I could take the creative lead. It was an exciting prospect. My co-producer and friend Chris and I had been wanting to work together for a while. I know Chris was particularly keen to get involved with the TripAdvisor brand and is a fantastic guy to work with. He really gave me the freedom to make the ad I had envisioned, and brought a lot of fun and energy to the shoot.



How did you come up with the idea for your winning entry in the TripAdvisor Ad Contest?

In a typically Australian way, we all came up with our own ideas, met at a local pub and laid them on the table. We wanted something that would be simple from a logistics perspective, and the idea that we went with for our ad was partly inspired by travel experiences that we’ve heard about – that moment when you arrive somewhere and it looks nothing like the pictures!


Why did you pick the title location you did for your ad?

I’m lucky to live in Sydney, and the location suited the idea we had. I feel that Australia is the best place in the world to live; even though I’m from Brisbane originally, Sydney is now my home. If my video encourages people to come to Australia, despite the uncertain nature of my ad, then that’s great. We also wanted to show a bit of the larrikinism of Australia.


What do you think you may do with your contest prize?

We’ll be splitting it amongst the people involved (even the people who were just able to lend us some equipment), and then I’ll put my share towards a future project.


Any famous film that influenced you?  What is your favorite film of all time?

One of my favorite films is Forrest Gump, good heartfelt films like that.



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