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8 2014

#TripChat #TopMuseums: 45 Artful Highlights from Last Week’s TripAdvisor Twitter Chat

Thanks to everyone who took part in our first ever #TripChat – it was great to have you! We were thrilled to host many of the 2014 Travelers’ Choice top museums in the world as well as hundreds of museum buffs from our community, and the hour was full of knowledgeable and inspirational conversation that we hope left many of you excited for your next trip to the museum.


And there were certainly some fantastic tips and tidbits that we’d be remiss to not repeat for those of you who either missed the chat or want a refresher. Let’s play curator…



What’s your favorite museum or exhibit, and why?





    Besides a fantastic collection, what makes a great museum stand out? Outdoor space? Café? Gift shop?    







Some #TopMuseums are so big that you can’t see everything in one visit. What’s your best advice for managing time?






    When planning a trip, how do you figure out which museums are worth visiting? #TripChat #TopMuseums  







World-class museums can be expensive. What’s your best money-saving tip?





    Let’s talk families. Any tips for making museums fun for kids and keeping them engaged?  







What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever seen at a museum?







What museum is on your bucket list and why?  







Finally, what’s your best tip for making a trip to a museum truly memorable? #TripChat #TopMuseums







There were so many more wonderful responses. Check out the full conversation here. And stay tuned for the next TripChat, coming soon!

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