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22 2014

Find the Best Places to Watch the World Cup with TripAdvisor and Pinterest

Piazza del Campo - Sienna, Italy Piazza del Campo – Sienna, Italy

At TripAdvisor, it’s our – pardon the pun – goooooaaaal! to help you plan and have the perfect trip. So we’ve joined with Pinterest to give you the inside scoop on where to find the best places to watch the World Cup this summer. From bars and pubs to plazas and piazzas, we’ve created a series of boards with spots that you’ve recommended, either in the travel forums or through your millions of reviews and opinions.


And if there’s a popular spot you think we missed or a hidden gem you want to share with others, Chime in and share it! Help a fellow traveler score (yeah, went there again) the perfect spot to watch a game, this summer or any time.

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