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3 2014

In on The Joke: TripAdvisor Community Enjoys Some April Fools’ Day Fun

As you may have seen in Mashable’s ultimate roundup of pranks, we at TripAdvisor decided to have a little fun for April Fools’ Day by creating a list of “10 Unforgettable Destinations for Families” that was less a group of suggested places you should go and more a fantasy TripAdvisor where our favorite TV and movie settings become real destinations, ready for fun reviews.


And fun reviews we received! We asked you on Twitter to come up with your own reviews of our fantasy destinations in 140 characters or less and couldn’t have asked for better or more creative replies. So, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites below. Tell us what you think! And if you missed out on the fun yesterday, add your own reviews for Mordor, Amity Island and others to the comments section.


Thanks for all of the amazingly fun responses. We can’t wait to do this with you again!



The Death Star



  • “Could not find the hotel we booked on Alderaan. Also, could not find Alderaan.” -@HuskerPastor
  • “Holiday at Death Star ruined by the loud breathing of the guest in the next room, followed by shouts of ‘I am your father.’” -@ninamcg77
  • “Impossible it is to holiday on Star of Death. Tatooine try out. Nice bar it has. Avoid you must Boba Fett.” -@PRTitan
  • “Be careful, the owner of the Death Star will somehow get you to agree to pay for entire mini-bar.” -@peter576



Amity Island



  • “I couldn’t understand when we were at Amity why sinister music started as we paddled in the sea?” -@getoutnabout
  • “Amity Island gets 3 stars. Very quaint and cozy, but the least little rough-housing in the water and people go to pieces.” -@mrgsea
  • “We had requested a bigger boat ahead of time, but the folks at Amity Island refused to accommodate. Two stars.” -@ProvenanceHotel






  • “Traveling to the top of Mordor the view was simply precious but I had the feeling I was being watched.” -@LDYDNice
  • “Mordor needs to do something about the panhandling and thieving. One strung out dude followed us for our entire trip.” -@bennettanneb
  • “There was a bit of a spider problem in Mordor, but we really enjoyed the eagles!” -@Kati1727



The Matrix



  • “Can’t say I’d recommend a relaxing break in The Matrix, with the constant police presence you just can’t switch off!” -@JSParsonage
  • “At The Matrix, I could not quite put my finger on why but everything tasted like chicken, even the ice cream.” -@LDYDNice
  • “My vacation to the Matrix left me wondering if it really happened. The food service was lacking; morpheus only offered pills!” -@SisterScorpio



Gotham City



  • “My trip to Gotham City was uneventful. I felt safe, secure, and like someone was watching over me the whole time.” -@ShootsVeis



The Island



  • “I don’t know about anyone else, but my family really enjoyed our stay on The Island. Matter of fact, WE HAVE TO GO BAAAAAACK!” -@oconnellaboo



King’s Landing



  • “I loved my stay at King’s Landing. But you must go now ’cause they told me time and time again that winter is coming.” -@saskidebest
  • “Even though we visited King’s Landing in July, one guy kept saying, “Winter is coming.” He really lost his head.” -@Legna989






  • “Conditions @Azkaban were deplorable. I was spellbound by the lack of amenities. This place sux the life out of u.” -@danamag75
  • “Azkaban’s booking policy leaves much to be desired, and interaction with the staff is to be avoided at all costs. One star only.” -@thesongbirdseu
  • “Will they let me check out of Azkaban once my trip is over? Just making sure.” -@llmissnancyll




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