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1 2014

7 Cities Stealing Scenes in the Year’s Best Movies

This biggest night in showbiz has us thinking – although this year’s top movies aren’t all necessarily centered around travel, the locations in which many of them are set play important roles in shaping their stories. For some, the destination is almost a character in and of itself – The Wolf of Wall Street couldn’t have taken place anywhere other than New York City. And in Blue Jasmine, San Francisco’s vibe perfectly offset the upscale New York attitude of Cate Blanchett’s title character.


So let’s shine the spotlight on some of the best places to sleep, eat, and play in the destinations where many of these films take place. Sorry though, Gravity fans, TripAdvisor doesn’t currently feature any reviews of the kitchen aboard the International Space Station.



Atlantic City, New Jersey – American Hustle

Although the movie primarily takes place in New York City, the plot of this flick focuses on a corrupt endeavor to revive the gambling industry in Atlantic City, a seaside locale known for its lively boardwalk and nightlife.


Atlantic City_New Jersey 02

Atlantic City, New Jersey


Lincoln, Nebraska – Nebraska

On a quest to collect the money he believes he has won, Woody and his skeptical son head to this Midwest city that was named after the 16th President of the United States, in the 2013 hit film, “Nebraska.”


Lincoln, Nebraska

Lincoln, Nebraska



Roscrea, Ireland – Philomena

The story of a mother and her son separated at his birth begins and ends at a convent in this quaint town—one of the oldest in Ireland—located between Cork, Galway, Limerick and Dublin.



Roscrea, Ireland



Dallas,  Texas – Dallas Buyers Club

Set in the Lone Star State, cowboy Ron Woodroof takes the audience on a tour of Dallas, a city that offers dozens of museums, art galleries, southern style eateries, and more.



Dallas, Texas


New Orleans, Louisiana  – 12 Years a Slave

Celebrated for its Cajun culture, Mardi Gras festival, and unrivaled jazz music, New Orleans served as the setting in “12 Years a Slave,” in which Solomon Northrup works constructing a waterway, fighting for his freedom and desire to return to his family in New York.


New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana



New York City, New York – The Wolf of Wall Street

Based on the movie’s title, film goers may be surprised the most of this controversial film actually takes place along the Gold Coast of Long Island, where Leo’s character takes advantage of all that money can buy.


New York City, New York

New York City, New York



San Francisco,  California – Blue Jasmine

Title character Jasmine, played by actress Cate Blanchett, leaves behind her life in New York City to start anew in the City by the Bay. Travelers are invited to take in the sights of San Francisco which include the world famous Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, Ghirardelli Square, and of course the “Painted Ladies” Victorian-style homes.

  • Where to sleep: Located in the prestigious Pacific Heights neighborhood, travelers rave about Hotel Drisco. Guests can enjoy views of the Golden Gate or stroll along the shops and eateries on Sacramento and Filmore streets.
  • Where to eat: Reserve a table at the highly-rated city staple Zuni Cafe, which we hear Cate herself dined at while filming Blue Jasmine.
  • What to see: Further to the Golden Gate Bridge, travelers can explore the Lands End hiking trails, take in the fabled history of Alcatraz, or enjoy a ballgame at AT&T Park.


San Francisco, California

San Francisco, California


Have you been to any of these cities? Comment with your own recommendations of places to eat, stay, and play.

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