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5 2014

Find Your Perfect Flight: TripAdvisor’s New Flight Search Takes Off

At TripAdvisor, our team works hard to create products that offer the honest and unbiased information that travelers need in order to make informed decisions on where to stay, where to eat and what to do on their holiday. We want to help you plan and have the perfect trip.


Five years ago this month, we introduced TripAdvisor Flights, a new product that brought that same transparency to the way people find and book airline flights. TripAdvisor Flights broke new ground in helping travelers calculate and compare the entire cost of a flight –including ticket price, fees for checked luggage, and for in-flight food service and entertainment– in a single display through our Fees Estimator. For the first time, we made it possible to book a flight with full confidence that you were truly getting the best flight at the best price for your individual needs.


This week, we’re introducing a new and completely redesigned TripAdvisor Flights. This new Flights search product is the first in the industry to combine comprehensive insights on the in-flight experience, information on amenities, and candid traveler photos with the ability to scan for the lowest prices for airlines globally.


On top of helping you find the lowest fare, TripAdvisor Flights has some cool new benefits that make it easier to choose the flight that’s right for you:

  • Details on the in-flight experience – You’ll now know exactly what in-flight amenities can be anticipated before you book, including WiFi, power ports and in-flight entertainment. You’ll also be able to check out the available legroom (tight, average, spacious) and find the most comfortable seat.
  • A view inside the plane – You’ll get the heads up from other travelers on seat type and pitch, as well as thousands of candid traveler photos of airline seats (courtesy of SeatGuru) and cabin and seat maps, giving you an inside peek at the plane before you book.
  • Extra legroom available for purchase – The results display now clearly identifies thousands of planes equipped with extra legroom seats*.
  • Plus, the Fees Estimator that dynamically calculates the cost of baggage and other amenities into the live display is still there, so there’s no surprises at the gate.


This enhanced TripAdvisor Flights acknowledges an important travel truth: travelers’ in-flight experiences can vary dramatically, from cramped leg room and no seatback video on one plane to spacious seats and WiFi access on another. Despite the vast differences, those flights might actually have the same fare.


We’re arming travelers with comprehensive information they can use to better understand how their in-flight experience may change depending on the carrier, plane and seat they select. Now, you have all of the information you need to make the best booking decision, and arrive at your destination with a smile.


These new features are rolling out across all 31 countries and 17 languages in which TripAdvisor operates. So please, take it for a spin. We hope you love it as much as we do, and that it makes finding your perfect flight a piece of cake.


*For planes with extra leg room seats for sale in economy class, beyond emergency exit row and bulkhead seats

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One thought on “Find Your Perfect Flight: TripAdvisor’s New Flight Search Takes Off

  1. Really very great! the best thing about trip adviser’s flight program is that they gives you liberty to choose your own sheet by providing you the inside view of plane. Really very nice of them.

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