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4 2014

Destination Spotlight: Sochi, Russia

Sochi is so in right now. As the world turns its attention to Russia this week, travelers are turning their attention to Sochi as a possible new pin on their must-see travel map. On TripAdvisor, the destination has seen an incredible 54% spike in traveler interest over the last year, so we thought we’d highlight the best of the city, named one of Russia’s top 10 TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Destinations for 2013.


TripAdvisor’s 3 top-rated Sochi restaurants:

  1. Cafe Del Mar
  2. Brigantina Cafe
  3. Cafe Del Mar Plyazh


TripAdvisor’s 3 top-rated things to do in Sochi:

  1. Dendrary Botanical Garden (Dendrarium)
  2. Khostinsky Tisosamshitovaya Grove
  3. Festival Concert Hall


TripAdvisor’s 3 top-rated Sochi hotels:

  1. Grand Hotel and Spa Rodina
  2. Sochi-Breeze Spa Hotel
  3. Radisson Lazurnaya Hotel


And did you know…


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One thought on “Destination Spotlight: Sochi, Russia

  1. Sochi a great place for Weekend travel in Russia. Number of people visit this place every year from around the world, its just one supportive sentence for your post, which is helpful for guide to new comer on this page.

    United-21 Kanha

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