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13 2014

The Big Apple During the Big Game: a Traveler’s Cost Guide

Football fans, get ready. Here’s what it’s going to cost you to stay and play in the New York City area for next month’s big game. And don’t worry. There are options if you’re looking to save. The TripAdvisor TripIndex for the “Big Game” is out and reveals that visitors to the greater New York City metro area can expect to pay an average of $256 per day, February 1-2.


Expenses assessed to determine the total include the average cost of a one-night hotel stay, public transit to and from the game, an order of chicken wings and two bottles of domestic beer – in ten popular lodging spots near MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.


Hotel rooms are still available, with some of the most affordable options available in the Bronx, New York and Parsippany, New Jersey. But with the big day closing in and some fans more hopeful that their favorite team will make it all the way, that might not last for long. And ultimately – but not surprisingly – you’ll save more by staying a bit further away from the action. So its best to figure our your winning game plan now.


Here’s what you can expect, on average:

DestinationMiles from StadiumHotelPublic TransitWingsTwo BeersTotal
Bronx, N.Y 15$169.38$16.50$8.82$10.00$204.70
Parsippany, N.J.24$217.28$18.10$10.00$7.16$252.54
Brooklyn, N.Y.18$261.00$16.50$8.96$9.34$295.80
Jersey City, N.J.10$300.43$18.00$8.17$8.00$334.60
Paramus, N.J.14$332.16$19.00$7.74$4.34$363.24
Wayne, N.J.16$326.60$25.50$8.98$8.50$369.58
Newark, N.J.11$340.59$13.50$8.33$9.16$371.58
North Bergan, N.J.8$391.86$19.70$7.48$6.00$425.04
Manhattan, N.Y.16$418.00$16.50$10.65$12.00$457.15
Secaucus, N.J.4$453.32$11.00$8.91$9.34$482.57
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