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19 2013

Survey: Travelers Pawsitively Enjoy Traveling with Pets

Pet owners certainly are passionate about their four-legged friends and many even enjoy taking them along for the ride when vacationing.  TripAdvisor surveyed more than 1,100 U.S. respondents, and the results reveal that 44 percent of pet owners plan to take their animals in tow while traveling in the next 12 months, while 77% have done so in the past year.


Here’s a closer look at what travelers had to say about hitting the road with their collared companions:


Paw-some Accommodations
Those traveling with pets in the next 12 months plan to stay in the following:

  • Hotel – 64%
  • Home of family or friends – 45%
  • Vacation rental – 40%


Twenty-two percent of pet owners admit they have snuck their four-legged friend into a hotel or B&B that was not pet-friendly.


Wheels Trump Wings
Of those traveling with pets in the next 12 months:

  • 97% will travel by car
  • 12% will take flight
  • 5% will travel by boat


Mutt-Haves on the Road
Bone appetite! The top three items pet owners take for their pup:

  1. Food / treats – 96%
  2. Dining ware – 84%
  3. Waste disposal gear – 80%


Pet Amenities

A pup enjoys the amenities provided by The Oxford Hotel in Bend, Oregon.


Pam-purred Pets
When choosing a pet-friendly accommodation, pet-owners seek out the following for their pooch:

  • Pet-friendly areas – 60%
  • Pet-sitters – 6%
  • Pet-friendly room service menus – 4%


Twenty-eight percent cite they would choose not to travel to a particular destination if it didn’t have any pet-friendly accommodations.


Of the travelers who have taken pets on the road:

  • 18% have purchased pet supplies from a hotel or local pet store (e.g. leash, bowls, etc.)
  • 17% have let their pet watch a movie/TV
  • 8% have brought their pet to daycare


Fur-ever Friends
The primary reasons for traveling with pets:

  • 45% maintain they enjoy the companionship
  • 19% feel their pet gets stressed out when their owner is away
  • 17% find it is more affordable than a kennel or pet sitter


Biggest Pet-Peeves
The top gripes pet-owners have about traveling with their creature companion:

  1. Accommodations charging nightly pet fees – 31%
  2. Wish there were more pet-friendly places (e.g. restaurants) – 21%
  3. Lack of pet-friendly accommodation options – 20%


The top reasons pet-owners cite for leaving their four-legged friends at home:

  1. It’s difficult to find a pet-friendly accommodation – 51%
  2. It’s a hassle to take a pet on vacation – 46%
  3. It can be expensive taking a pet on vacation – 17%
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7 thoughts on “Survey: Travelers Pawsitively Enjoy Traveling with Pets

  1. I recently returned from a 2 week trip to the 1000 islands in New York State. My 2 dogs were boarded at my vets office, which I have previously done. When I returned both of my dogs were very sick (pneumonia/kennel cough) The vet prescribed antibiotic and steroids. It did NO GOOD and after 1 week I was very concerned that they would “make it” I had to carry my dogs to the water bowl and hand feed them as well as help them with their pee and poop chores. After finding a new vet and 1 month later, I am happy to report that they are coming along ok. Not great!! But better. If you travel without your pets make SURE that they are vaccinated for KENNEL COUGH @ pneumonia. At least 2 weeks in advance of their confinement!! Next trip they go WITH ME11

  2. Can anyone suggest a “PET FRIENDLY’ motel chain along the I95 corridor between south Florida and upstate New York?? Thanks

  3. While I like your article I would ask that you please remove the photo of the dog in front of the Taj Mahal because it is misleading to readers on multiple levels. I live in India with my dog but India is not the sort of place one can travel easily with pets partly because the culture does not encourage it, nor do they have even adequate facilities and accommodations to allow pet travel, and most importantly because the country is sadly littered with hundreds of thousands of stray “desi dogs” like the one pictured above who not only are abused, mistreated and neglected but also riddled with various ailments including rabies and are a dangerous threat to other dogs and humans — I have personally known several people bitten by rabid Indian dogs. My point is the above photo sends the wrong message to readers and gives the impression dogs are warmly welcomed in India and free to travel to the Taj Mahal and other such landmarks. What a farce!!! Please replace the photo with something more accurate and plausible so readers don’t try to bring their dogs on holiday to a country where they are not entirely welcomed or safe for that matter.

  4. pls kindly change a logo of trip advisor i think its bad luck bird lool logo, your website sevice good but logo distarbs us ( hindu tradition ) when we see it it may be joke for you but we get distrbed when we seeing it
    Thnk u

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  6. Pet travel is becoming a more common activity due to the quality of services provided by agents and airlines. I think airlines have taken a better role than they could in assisting passengers and their pets. Additionally, there are also more and more hotels becoming pet friendly!

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