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12 2013

Traveler Story Spotlight: I Was Married in Venice, Italy

Honestly, there is nowhere more romantic to be when you are in love than Italy… We went there first when we fell in love, and returned to be married in Venice. We had a “destination wedding” before there was such a thing. Dressed up in costume and walked across the Piazza San Marcos at midnight while the bells chimed, and said our vows in front of the Basilica.



Wedding in Venice

We stayed in Venice… that time at the Europa Regina. It’s a lovely hotel but we didn’t like it as much as the Saturnia, where we have stayed two other times (most recently a few weeks ago).


We took a tour around the city with photographers during the day, and got married at night. When we were walking around with photographers, other tourists kept wanting to have their photos taken with us. I’m sure our photos are in a few Japanese scrapbooks somewhere.


Venice is romantic to me because it is so mysterious and so old. It is a city of new and faded beauty…it radiates history from every brick and around every corner. It is a very intimate city… you can turn a corner and be alone, even in the most crowded times. You can explore and never really get lost. The mixture of water and city provides beautiful vistas everywhere, and also contributes to the sensuality of the place. At night, light glistens and glimmers off the water, sounds are muffled, footsteps echo… its mysterious, lush, multi-layered and alive.


Venice, honestly, is really difficult to describe. Writers and poets have been trying to do it for centuries. You really have to go there to understand it…


-TripAdvisor traveler Ellen Fields


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One thought on “Traveler Story Spotlight: I Was Married in Venice, Italy

  1. I agree, Venice is really a precious destination full of surprises, foodie delights from Veneto, cultural events, international exhibitions… I just wish tourists would visit it in different months of the year, to promote the concept of seasonality and avoid overcrowding

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