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18 2013

Share Your Most Amazing Travel Stories

Can you remember that time a sight took your breath away? Or that romantic travel moment you knew you’d remember forever? We’re featuring amazing travel stories in a weekly blog series and we want to hear yours.


We’d also like you to tell us about…

  • The vacation moment you’ll never forget
  • The trip you took that made you fall in love with another culture
  • The most adventurous trip you’ve ever taken
  • The best get-away-from-it-all trip you’ve ever taken
  • The family trip that you and your kids will remember forever


…or anything else about your travel experiences that comes to mind. And if TripAdvisor helped you plan it, we’d appreciate hearing that too! Just email your travel story to with the subject line “My Amazing Travel Story” and include a photo or photos if you have them. You might be featured on the TripAdvisor blog!

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11 thoughts on “Share Your Most Amazing Travel Stories

  1. My husband and I drove out west from Indiana. WE started at the Kansas Corn Palace and ended at Mt. Rushmore. We then dropped down and came home through Colorado and the Rocky Mountains. it was just fabulous. We did a spur of the moment stop at Deadwood S.D. and ended up staying there two days. At Mt. Rushmore, I sat down on a seat at the amphitheater and just gazed up at the formation, I don’t mind telling you, I was overcome with emotion for a moment. At the Badlands, we managed to scare up to two curly horned sheep and watched them climb a spire right in front of us. At Custer park, leaving the part at dusk, we were surrounded by a herd of Buffalo. We actually just stopped the car and turned off the engine for about 10 minutes and sat there with them. These are memories and adventures that you can’t buy or would never trade.

  2. In 2012, when my son was 8 years old, we travelled to Italy for a wedding. Before leaving we were skeptical because we thought that he may be bored and miss being at home without his friends for a long period of time (18 days is a long time when you are 8). The entire trip was amazing and his enjoyment of travel was so exciting to witness. We have many fabulous memories but our favourite occurred in Venice. On our last night, we had dinner in a restaurant that was beside a smaller canal. Will, our son, sat by the window and for most of our meal he watched the gondolas pass by and talked to the gondoleers and their passangers. As we were eating dessert, a gondoleer pulled up to the building and was eye-to-eye with Will. The owner of the restaurant noticed and called Will over to the bar. He gave Will a beer to deliver to the gondoleer. Will delivered the beer and since has been telling everyone that drive-through in Italy is “way cooler” than drive through in Canada.

  3. In 2009, after an emotional break-up I booked a trip to the Amalfi Coast with Thomas Cook, UK for 10 days. Stayed in Maori, Italy. Visited cities all along the coast, as well as Pompeii. Nothing can make you feel love again like Italy. Italy is the romance the rest just falls into place

  4. Alway be on the lookout for wildlife in Yellowstone. While vacationing in Yellowstone we were staying in the cabins next to Old Faithful Inn. One evening we were walking up to the Inn. I overheard voices on the veranda above us talking about bison. “Where?” I asked. “Look yo your right, lady!”. There about six feet from us was a small herd of bison. Needless to say we hastened our pace!
    On another day we were walking on a boardwalk next to a steaming stream that was about six feet wide and down an embankment. A small herd of bison was grazing on the other side of the stream. I felt safe with the boiling hot stream between them and us, BUT I learned that it is no problem for a big old bull bison to jump that stream. He headed for the embankment about four feet in front of my kids and started rubbing his horns on the bank. They stood still, while Mom kept urging them to back up slowly. We have pics of that encounter.
    Always be aware of wildlife in Yellowstone!

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  6. I would like to know if I could take your picture. It’s for a school project and I will not sell it when it will be finished.
    Thanks you
    Sincerely Sandrine

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