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11 2013

Honolulu Named The Highest-Priced U.S. City to Visit This Summer

Budgeting for your summer travel plans? TripAdvisor has unveiled its TripIndex Cities, the 3rd annual cost comparison of an evening out and overnight stay for two people in popular cities around the world.


Here in the U.S., Honolulu rings up the biggest tab, while Las Vegas comes in as the most affordable. If you’re heading to Honolulu June 1-Auguast 31, a 1-night stay in a 4-star hotel, cocktails, a 2-course dinner paired with a bottle of wine, and round-trip taxi transportation (2 miles each way) will set you back $504.94. That’s a 4-spot jump from last year, leapfrogging New York City, Boston, and San Francisco. In Las Vegas, you can expect to pay just a little over half of that at $272.94.


The U.S. cities with the largest increase in summer hotel prices since last year:

1. Orlando +33%
2. Denver +32%
3. Honolulu +29%
4. Los Angeles +29%
5. Seattle +26%


And for you world travelers, head to Asia for the most savings, where 4 cities were featured among the 10 most affordable around the globe. And the most expensive continent? Europe, where you’ll find 6 of the 10 most expensive international cities.


Check out all of the results (click to zoom):

 2013 TripIndex Cities_US infographic_FINAL


2013 TripIndex Cities_international infographic_FINAL 


The international TripIndex Cities 2013 destination list comprises popular cities from 49 of the 50 countries which receive the largest number of international visitor arrivals (data compiled by the UNWTO). The U.S. TripIndex list consists of 20 popular editorially selected cities, focused on large and popular tourism markets.


TripIndex prices out the following items in each destination to represent the cost of a night out for two people:

  • One night’s accommodation in a four-star hotel
  • Cocktails for two people
  • Dinner for two (two courses and a bottle of house wine)
  • Round-trip taxi transportation (two taxi journeys of two miles each)


Prices were collected through a variety of research methods as outlined below. Prices were taken in local currencies between March and April 2013 and converted into USD on April 19, 2013.


Hotels: Prices specify the average cost per night of a room at a four-star hotel found on TripAdvisor (via partner booking sites such as online travel agencies and direct hotel suppliers) in each destination for the summer travel period (June 1 – August 31, 2013).


Cocktails for two: Prices specify the average cost of two traditional dry martinis from a top-rated five-star hotel bar on TripAdvisor in each destination.


Dinner for two: Prices specify the average cost of a two-course meal (appetizer and main course) for two people with a bottle of house (or cheapest available) white wine (prices averaged from three mid-range restaurants in each destination). 


Return taxi trip: Prices specify the approximate cost of two taxi journeys of two miles each (representing an evening’s round-trip transportation).  Data was taken from local authorities, taxi companies, and destination travel experts.


1 Average national percent change of nightly hotel rate calculated using data from 15 U.S. cities surveyed in both 2012 and 2013 TripIndex Cities. Five U.S. cities (Houston, Miami, Philadelphia, Portland and San Diego) were added to the TripIndex Cities 2013 and were not factored into this calculation.

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4 thoughts on “Honolulu Named The Highest-Priced U.S. City to Visit This Summer

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  2. For those of us “in the know” visiting Honolulu (or, say, Oahu and Waikiki) can be the most cost-effective trip you can take. I’m not sure where these survey takers stay, but it’s not where I stay and most of my friends stay… I can usually average 3 nights stay for what your saying one night costs. Sure I’m a block and a half away from the beach; but who stays in the hotel room anyway? I’m glad I’m “in the know” – I’ll keep Honolulu exclusive to me and let everyone else think it’s “too expensive.”

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