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29 2013

TripAdvisor Launches The Peace of Mind Guarantee for Travelers Booking Vacation Rentals

Booking your next vacation rental just got easier.  The Peace of Mind guarantee on TripAdvisor means you can now pay securely for a growing number of vacation rental properties, while another new feature, the Rental Inbox, keeps tracks of the inquiries you’ve made, the communications you’ve had with owners/managers, and the status of your payments all in one place.


The Peace of Mind guarantee
The Peace of Mind guarantee is available on TripAdvisor vacation rental listings where the new ‘book online’ badge appears in the search results.  This badge highlights the properties where travelers and owners/managers can arrange payment through the TripAdvisor online payment system.  Payments made through this automated payment system entitle the traveler to the Peace of Mind Guarantee, which reimburses renters up to $10,000 in the events that (a) the home does not materially match the description, (b) the guest cannot enter the home and/or (c) payment was made properly but not received by the correct owner/manager


The Rental Inbox
The new Rental Inbox makes searching for and booking vacation rentals easier.  To access it, inquire about a vacation rental property on and ‘Rental Inbox’ will appear in the dropdown menu under ‘Your TripAdvisor’ when you’re logged in. The Rental Inbox automatically tracks, stores and displays properties inquiries you’ve made, communications with and full details of quotes received from owners/managers, and status of payments made and owed.


The systems behind The Peace of Mind Guarantee are powered, provided and managed by FlipKey, a wholly-owned subsidiary of TripAdvisor. For more information on the Peace of Mind Guarantee, see this page.

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