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23 2013

10 Things To Try On Your TripAdvisor City Guides App

So you’ve downloaded the free TripAdvisor Offline City Guides app and you’re ready for your vacation to that far off land. But do you know how to take full advantage of everything the app offers? From checking in on Facebook to easily finding your way in a new place, these 10 tips will make planning and taking your next trip easy and fun.


1. Use the map, even when you’re not connected. Data and WiFi can be both hard to find and expensive in foreign counties. The City Guides app can show you where you are, plus all the great restaurants and attractions near you – even while you’re offline.


2. Point me there – coming out of the subway, have you seen people that are looking at their phone, walk one way then the other?  Point me there helps you avoid this.  Just follow the arrow and you’ll walk in the right direction with confidence.


Point Me There


3. Not sure what to do for a couple of hours or have a free day in a destination?  City Guides has free self-guided walking tours by local experts and travel writers.And many have fun themes, like the photographer’s tour of Paris, or the foodie tour of Montreal.


Point Me There

4. Want to remember your trip? “Check In” to each destination. Snap a photo and write a note.  Share it with family and friends as you check in on Facebook. Keep them up to date with your trip.


5. Check out your journal after the trip on, remember all your travel experiences, and share it with friends.



6. Want a reservation for dinner, or maybe want to skip the line to a museum?  City Guides can help you book these experiences directly from your phone. Just click the “Reserve” or “Buy Ticket” button.


7. Go metro. City Guides has metro stations for many of the cities, and metro station maps.


8. Help other travelers out by writing a review of places you’ve been.  In City Guides, you can write this even when you are offline, and sync it all when you get home, or when you get WiFi connection.


9. Learn your surroundings. Read more about each city with background information provided by travel writers and other TripAdvisor users.


10. Explore! City Guides has over 80 cities, so pick your next trip and go!


Don’t have the app yet? Download it here.

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