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12 2013

TripAdvisor Celebrates 100 Million Reviews and Opinions

Now this is a major milestone: 100 million traveler reviews and opinions.  And TripAdvisor is the first travel site to reach it, covering more than two and a half million accommodations, restaurants, and attractions in 116,000 destinations. The milestone number represents a 50% increase in traveler contributions over last year. It’s because of this remarkable scale and freshness of content that so many travelers around the globe use TripAdvisor to plan and have the perfect trip.


TripAdvisor doesn’t use the term “around the globe” lightly. The site now has contributions from members living in every country of the world and features hotel reviews in every country but one – Vatican City (which has no hotels listed on the site). Plus, in today’s socially connected world, the wisdom of the crowds is augmented by the wisdom of friends, as Facebook-connected travelers submit 35 percent of the site’s new reviews. The integration with Facebook allows travelers to see and share perspectives with not only their friends, but their friends’ friends, too.


With more than 200 million unique visitors each month and 47 million members, the site’s coverage and usefulness will only grow even more in the next year. As Steve Kaufer, TripAdvisor co-founder and CEO, stated, “Travelers the world over want to have the perfect trip, and nothing helps travel planning more than real reviews from people who have been there before.”


Fun facts:

-16 attractions feature more than 5,000 reviews – number one being Central Park in New York with 11,993 reviews.

-26 hotels feature more than 5,000 reviews – number one being the Luxor in Las Vegas with 9,904 10,132 reviews.

-The site has restaurant reviews in 99% of all countries and attraction reviews in 98% of all countries.

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  1. thanks for your thank you I reced the other day! Used your ap on my recent trip to Chicago, you need a place to review you! Id give you 5 stars!!!

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